Our Team – Meet the Skilled and Compassionate Dental Professionals at Wren Pediatric Dentistry

Our Team – Meet the Skilled and Compassionate Dental Professionals at Wren Pediatric Dentistry

Wren Pediatric Dentistry is a trusted dental practice specializing in pediatric dentistry, dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care for children. Having a skilled and compassionate dental team is vital in ensuring a positive dental experience for children, and at Wren Pediatric Dentistry, we are proud to introduce our team of dental professionals who are committed to creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for children.

Dr. Ellen Wren, our experienced pediatric dentist, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice. With her extensive background in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Wren is passionate about creating a positive dental experience for children. She understands the unique needs and concerns of young patients and strives to provide gentle and compassionate care.Auto Draft

We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Rebecca Lawson, a compassionate pediatric dentist who goes above and beyond to connect with her patients. Dr. Lawson believes in building trust with young patients through open communication and education. She strives to ensure that each child feels comfortable and valued during their dental visits.

At Wren Pediatric Dentistry, we also have Dr. Michael Bennett, a skilled orthodontist you can trust. Dr. Bennett specializes in orthodontics and provides early orthodontic intervention for children. He is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles and ensuring proper dental development.

Our team of pediatric dental hygienists plays a crucial role in maintaining good oral health for children. They are experts in oral health and are committed to educating both patients and parents on proper dental hygiene practices. Their passion for oral health shines through in their interactions with children.

The warm and friendly support staff at Wren Pediatric Dentistry is the backbone of our practice. They create a welcoming and caring atmosphere for children and their families, ensuring a positive dental visit for every patient. Their dedication to making each child feel comfortable and at ease is truly remarkable.

At Wren Pediatric Dentistry, we are all personally committed to providing exceptional dental care for children. Our team is constantly staying updated with the latest advancements in pediatric dentistry through continuing education and training. We believe in offering the best treatment options to our patients, ensuring their oral health needs are met with utmost care and expertise.

We invite you to book an appointment at Wren Pediatric Dentistry and personally experience the expertise and compassion of our dental team. Rest assured that your children are in safe hands with our skilled and compassionate professionals. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and helping your child achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.